When people talk about planning for retirement generally they mean savings, pension, mortgage and investments. But what about the human angle? We are not financial advisors but we can help with life planning and support you through this new and potentially exciting phase of your life.

When you have been working hard for most of your life leaving the workplace, missing your colleagues, changing routine or having a reason to get up in the morning, retirement means transition to a different lifestyle. Dealing with such a major life change can sometimes raise many concerns and impact wellbeing if the right support is not available.


  • Are you financially comfortable or do you have concerns about your security into the future?

  • Did you plan to spend your retirement with someone special but now find yourself alone?

  • Did your work life leave little room for leisure - what do you do with your time now?

  • Do you plan to have a second, third or even fourth career but are not sure what steps to take?

  • Do you have a hobby that you now want to turn into a business but are not sure where to start?

If you would like help or support please contact us in complete confidence. You can call to make an appointment or  use our online booking service from the Appointments & Fees tab. Remember, the initial 30-minute consultation is free.