Health and Wellbeing is about taking a holistic approach to your overall health ensuring that your body and your mind are both nourished, stimulated and rested appropriately. This needs to be done in the right way for you, so they can perform to their max to enable you to perform to your max. Making this happen requires a combination of the following:

Good Nutrition

Restful Sleep

Sufficient Hydration

Minimal Stress

Emotional Support



Regular Exercise (Mind & Body)

Creative Pursuits/Hobbies

Feeling Fulfilled

Nowadays we live encapsulated in our very own electro-magnetic microcosm surrounded by Smart phones, TVs and meters, Wireless tablets, laptops and printers as well as an array of other gadgetry that presents social media stimulating us and consuming our every waking moment.  The potential risk being that we do not get sufficient quality downtime to simply let our minds relax and recharge to help us remain calm and de-stressed.

We are continually bombarded by a stream of information and advice on what we should and should not eat.  This is compounded by supermarkets and suppliers enticing us with "bargain" offers encouraging us to buy more than we need. This usually results in us buying too much or, choosing the wrong food and eating too much or, wasting the food that we are unable to use as its out of date. And potentially adversely affecting our relationship with food.

All of this together can throw us off track, impact on our health and wellbeing and sometimes interfere with us achieving the goals we may have set ourselves for example, losing weight, taking more exercise, spending quality time with loved ones and finding ways to relax and reduce stress.

There is no magical solution it is just simply making positive lifestyle changes. This means working out exactly what you want to achieve and setting SMART goals in order to help you achieve them and then working hard to make sure they come to fruition.  People set goals all the time but you will always be more successful if you have clarity, and with the additional support from coaching this is when there can be a significant impact on personal growth.

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