Counselling is a therapeutic, confidential relationship between a Client and  Counsellor based on trust, respect, empathy and understanding. The aim of counselling is to help empower the Client to find self-defined ways of dealing with past issues that enables them to heal and move forward. 

Counselling sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis in a safe and confidential environment.  Generally, it takes between 4 and 10 sessions although it may be more or less depending upon the issue(s) being addressed and how the Client responds. The initial consultation (which is free) gives the Client the opportunity to relay what they want to explore during the sessions should they decide to engage our services. The initial consultation will take approximately 30 minutes and will also set out the process, expectations and fees.  

So what can counselling help with?  The list below details areas where counselling can impact positively and make a real difference but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Performance Art
Hearing Check-Up

If you would like help or support please contact us in complete confidence. You can call to make an appointment or  use our online booking service from the Appointments & Fees tab. Remember, the initial 30-minute consultation is free.

Important Note:

Counselling and Coaching are very different processes. During your initial consultation the best course of action will be agreed with you. However, if you begin your journey with Amelior through Counselling and it is quickly identified that you require Coaching, you will be referred to another professional. It is not appropriate for your Counsellor to become your Coach and vice versa.  Counselling seeks to deal with issues in the past whereas Coaching deals with the present and future.


Past Experiences


Life Events

Emotional Support

Relationship Issues

Serious Illness

Self Esteem