Management Skills

There is a well known saying that people don't leave good companies they leave bad bosses! When employees experience lack of leadership or are in conflict with their supervision it can seriously drive down employee engagement which impacts negatively on employee  motivation and ultimately company performance and productivity.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Are your managers ready for their next career step? Can they recognise talent within their teams to identify succession opportunities?  Do you have the right people now and for the future?. Do your leaders have the people skills to successfully lead a productive and cohesive team?


"There is often confusion in differentiating between leaders and bosses. Bosses command, while leaders lead. Bosses demand, while leaders persuade. Bosses are autocratic, while leaders are democratic. Bosses avenge, while leaders forgive."

- Professor M.S.Rao, Ph.D.

Does your Company foster an environment and culture that allows for honest, constructive feedback whether formally as part of your annual performance management process or, informally because  your employees are actively encouraged to offer feedback and share innovation?


Do you have a healthy, well balanced and fully engaged workforce who are motivated, working cohesively and focussed on helping to drive your business forward, achieve set targets and celebrate success?


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