Coaching is a collaborative, non-directive relationship between a Client and Coach based on trust, respect and honesty. The job of a Coach is to help their Client to self-identify goals and reach solutions to facilitate them achieving their potential.

Personal coaching sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis.  The number of coaching sessions will depend upon each individual Client and the goal(s) they are aiming for. Generally 3 or 4 sessions is enough time to achieve the best results.  Listed below are just some of the areas where coaching can make a positive impact but it is by no means an exhaustive list. 

Professional Development

Goal Clarity

Career Progression

Increase Earning Potential

Improve Work/Life Balance

Creating the Ideal Culture

Leadership Qualities

Improving Communication

Team Building

Management Skills

Breaking Through Barriers

Personal Growth

Health & Wellbeing

Nutrition & Weightloss

Retirement Support

It is important for Clients to work with the right Coach and that is why we offer a free initial consultation of 30 minutes to make sure the "fit" is right for both of us.  It also gives the Client the opportunity to discuss what they want to explore during the process should they decide to engage our services.

If you would like help or support please contact us in complete confidence. You can call to make an appointment or  use our online booking service from the Appointments & Fees tab. Remember, the initial 30-minute consultation is free.

Important Note:

Coaching and Counselling are very different processes. During your initial consultation the best course of action will be agreed with you. However, if you begin your journey with Amelior through coaching and it is quickly identified that you require counselling, you will be referred to another professional. It is not appropriate for your Coach to become your Counsellor and vice versa as they are very different roles. Coaching focuses on the present and future whereas Counselling looks to deal with issues in the past. 

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